3 Things To Know About Grease Traps

Posted on: 3 January 2017

Do you get a lot of complaints from your restaurant customers about a foul odor on the outside of the building? It is a good idea to give some attention to the problem before you start losing customers from the odor. The problem might stem from the grease trap needing to be cleaned out, especially if the odor is mostly near the kitchen area of the building. Here are a few of the important things that you should know about grease traps.

1. Why Grease Traps Are Used

Grease traps are basically pieces of equipment that can be attached to the plumbing system. The traps are used for preventing grease from traveling into the municipal sewage system. The grease comes from the plumbing pipes in your restaurant when it is poured down the drains. Sometimes small pieces of food are also mixed inside of the grease, so the trap is able to catch all of it. Keep in mind that the grease can also come from other appliances that are attached to the plumbing system as well, such as the dishwasher.

2. Why Cleaning Is Necessary for a Grease Trap

If you don't invest in getting the trap cleaned, the grease and food particles will accumulate in large amounts. The grease can actually end up going back into your plumbing system and causing problems in your restaurant. For instance, the grease can clog the pipes up and create a blockage that prevents water from going down the drains in plumbing fixtures. One of the main reasons to get the trap cleaned is to prevent the grease from getting into the municipal sewage system and possibly contaminating lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. Contamination of the water can cause health problems to all living creatures.

3. How Cleaning Is Typically Done

A few things will be done to make sure your grease trap is thoroughly cleaned. The first thing that will be done is pumping the grease out of the trap, which is done with commercial equipment. The contractor will then have to manually clean the trap out to remove any grease that was left behind by the pump. The manual part of cleaning the trap might involve scraping being done, as sometimes grease and food particles become hardened and stuck. Get in touch with a contractor to make an appointment for him or her to clean the grease trap.